Virabhadra Temple in Hindupur

Tourist hot Spot Lepakshi – Best Examle of Vijayanagara style of Architecture – Virabhadra Temple – Hindupur 
It is a small town 15 km east of Hindupur in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. This is the most important aspect of the archaeological history, Lepakshi is a revival of the believers who ask for the monuments of art of our ancestors, and want to get rid of the idea known as a tourist routine great Vijayanagar kings of the best paintings .

Virabhadra Lepakshi temple built in the 16th century and Virupanna Viranna, Penukonda
Vijayanagar rulers. Contains some of the finest statues of the period and the beginning of a cycle of frescoes preserved in the Vijayanagar style.

Veerabhadran temple is an excellent example of Vijayanagara style arhitektury.Upominaetsya ‘to Lepakshi as 108 Skandapurana important’ Shaiva Kshetra “(sacred). Veerabhadran Although the temple, said to be made will” Agastya “Holy Church choices” about Virupanna, Treasurer Reyes Vijayanagar . P. How the picture was taken Veerabhadran.

The best example of Vijayanagar style of sculpture and painting, the annual Kalyana Mandapam and (dance and marriage). These images represent episodes Purana as “Ananthasayana”, “Dattatreya”, “Chaturmukha Bramha”, “Tumburu” “discussion” and “Rambha.

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