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Greece Tourist Attractions

Visit to Greece, Sailing on yachts in island of Corfu, Amazing Travel Experience

Greece is a beautiful country located in the eastern Aegean mainland and the Ionian Sea in the west and south Sea.Sailing yacht in Greece, the grandeur of this region’s natural that you swim in ‘to the coast and XII, the largest in the world and you have access

Architectural Tourism

What is Architectural Tourism -Explore the buildings of architectural masterpieces

The idea of architecture, tourism is on a trip to see the monuments and architecture. Most people are on vacation or a trip in search of relaxation, a short walk, maybe a little shopping normally receives. Most tours include a visit to some monuments and buildings of historic interest and / or vision. This allows us to see and explore the buildings of architectural masterpieces and a look at these structures, which saw in magazines and television. Tourism is now very high architectural countries, many in promoting this form of tourism to

Spain Tourist Attractions

Spain is one of the most popular in Europe in the world. Spain offers many attractions for tourists and tourism is one of the most prosperous industries in Spain and the tourists who visited Spain during the year. It offers an incredible combination of good weather and beaches, delicious food and cultural diversity. There is an alarming increase in the number of tourists for

Nalanda University Ruins in India

Nalanda University Ruins, Ancient Bihar, Historical Significance and Importance
In the Southeast of Patna, the capital of Bihar state in India, a city called ‘Bada Gaon, near the famous ruins of Nalanda University. Founded in the fifth century AD, Nalanda is known as a place to get old. 2,000 teachers and 10,000 students around the world lived and studied Buddhist Nalanda, the first university in the international life.Walk through the ruins of the university, will lead to an era that the transfer of knowledge in India is a world leader in cutting – India, when an outbreak was desirable .Universitet fifth and 12th Although Nalanda is one of the best places in which they are blessed with the presence
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