Nalanda University Ruins in India

Nalanda University Ruins, Ancient Bihar, Historical Significance and Importance
In the Southeast of Patna, the capital of Bihar state in India, a city called ‘Bada Gaon, near the famous ruins of Nalanda University. Founded in the fifth century AD, Nalanda is known as a place to get old. 2,000 teachers and 10,000 students around the world lived and studied Buddhist Nalanda, the first university in the international life.Walk through the ruins of the university, will lead to an era that the transfer of knowledge in India is a world leader in cutting – India, when an outbreak was desirable .Universitet fifth and 12th Although Nalanda is one of the best places in which they are blessed with the presence of Buddha, and later became famous as a great monastic university name itself, a jewel in the development of Buddhism may come Indiya.Nazvanie Hewas a former incarnations of Sakyamuni as the king, whose capital was here.Nalanda was his pet name meaning “insatiable in giving.”

Student of the famous Chinese passengers who had Hieun Tsang here and gave a detailed description of the situation at the time. Excavations have shown that most monasteries stupas care, shelter, staircases, meditation hall, classrooms, and many others talk about the glory and greatness, and held this place, this place was the subject of serious study.

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